The genre of soul-like is attractive that players will gradually move ahead while dying many times, as the model Dark Soul series is like the Dark Soul series. You can say that you are.

However, THYMESIA depicts the unique difficult world in such a soul-like. After all, the theme of the game deals with plague. This work exhibits a demonstration version at Happinet Game Festival! ~ 2022 Summer Camp-in Versal Akihabara. At least, I have a pattern of time, and I will deliver the pattern I played in a terrible city.

Shave enemies, deprive the plague, and become abilities

Speaking of soul-like, even if one simple action is taken, there is a risk that there is stamina gauge, the gauge can not be attacked or avoidable action, and even if you press the button, you will always have a swinging movement. It will be a risk.

In that regard, the dark appearance is THYMESIA, which seems to be a soul-like, but it is surprisingly difficult to see the risk of soul-like described above.

Stamina gauge is abolished, attacks and avoidance can be banged, and normal attacks (in soul-like) are activated quite quickly. The stylish touch is, in other words, between Dark Soul and Devil Make Clear.

So is it different from the experience of opening a scary world unique to Soul Like at risk? That is not the case. Even in the smooth touch, the unique game design forms a sense of tension.

First of all, Even if you hit the enemy’s normal attack, the physical strength gauge has not been completely cut, and your physical strength will recover over time. This seems to be a disadvantage for long-term battles, but there is a nail attack to cut off the damage caused by the normal attack.

Nail attacks are a strong attack in normal soul-like, and when activating, it is a technique that makes it easy to swing a lot. When this hits the opponent, the damage you have cut off with a normal attack is completely cut off so that you do not recover over time.

This is a stylish operability unique to THYMESIA because when a powerful enemy that is expected to be a long-term battle stands out, it is not possible to win unless the normal attack and claw attacks are used properly and fighting each other. And I thought it was a way to create a sense of tension that balances soul-like.

The ultimate is absorption of plague. If you cut off the enemy’s physical strength by attacking the nail, you can execute an action that absorbs plague at the end.

If you take the plague with exciting movements, you will be able to use some of the enemies only once. For example, if you take a plague from enemies with an ax, you will be able to fire a range attack that shakes off the ax. This ability symbolized the world view of THYMESIA, and the fun of using it strategically according to the situation.

At the end of the trial version, a huge knight would be deeply involved in the story, but the difference in ability was obvious, and there was an event battle that was quickly defeated. What is in the dark world where the plague is widespread? THYMESIA is scheduled to be released on PS5 / Steam on August 17.