Unveiled at the Guerilla Collective conference of the Summer Game Fest 2022,Neon Curseis the really first Bleeding Tapes game. Combination of roguelike as well as management game, the title is scheduled for July 11, 2022. For the most curious, a demonstration is already available on Vapor.



You just have to search the different degrees of the game, all filled up with risks, and also to recover weapons in order to put them on sale. As well as there is something to do considering that the game needs to offer even more than a hundred weapons to enhance and also discover.

Explore a variety of locations, essentially aggressive, as well as attempt to decipher the secrets that are hidden there. Resolving the shared problems in the degrees will permit you to uncover ever before extra powerful items and also tools. Not to point out that this will certainly bring you better, with no doubt, the main item of your mission, the best tool.

Qualities of Neon Blightt