[Pangyo office Moon Young-soo] Smilegate Hope Studio announced on the 17th that it will hold the youth creative community festival ‘Palette Festa’ in the Pangyo office.

The Palette Festa, which will be held on the 25th, is an event to share and spread the creative community culture that Hope Studio has accumulated in the community. It consists of three programs: Palette Exhibition, IT Creative Challenge, and Palette Conference, and will be presented to leadership of community children and youth institutions interested in creating children and teachers and creative environments.


On this day, the Palette Exhibition ‘Journey of Hope’ can be implemented in the design methodology ‘User Journey Map’, which is a design methodology ‘User Journey Map’ to see the process of growth through creative community activities. In addition, on this day, there will be an exhibition that will directly create a wall and make up the walls to share various ideas about the creative environment.

The IT Creative Challenge provides the experience and sense of accomplishment of fun and immersion by performing self-directed creative activities with the concept of ‘Our Game Land we make.’ Participants will present various game productions and ideas, complete the game prototype by team to show their own games, and share them with fellow creators.

Lastly, at the Palette Conference, the presentation will be presented under the theme of ‘How the creative environment spreads to the community’. The Smilegate Future Lab Center is a global community that provides a creative learning environment for the underprivileged youth for the creative environment necessary for future generations, and the creative environment is spreading by the global community. He is a speaker for know-how and insight sharing.

Kwon Yeon-ju, head of Hope Studio, said, Palette has been trying to provide a sustainable environment for children and young people in the community to find their interests and develop the necessary capabilities for future society. It will be a meaningful place to share and spread the meaningful values of.

Palette, meanwhile, is a creative environment-localized platform that supports Smilegate Hope Studio to help local children and young people find their interests and live their own lives. Since 2019, the mentor community has been operated by IT college students, meeting with community youth, and creating a creative community in the region. So far, we have conducted 3,200 hours of creative mentoring activities with seven institutions and 89 youth.