Through the video you have up here (if the age restriction does not send you for YouTube), Focus Entertainment has taught ten minutes of gameplay of Evil West , among which there are also some that Another kinematics.


One of the most highlight of the trailer is the bloody of each of the clashes, one of the specialties of Flying Wild Hog as they have been demonstrating so much time with Shadow Warrior. As for combat itself, especially in the melee, it has been remembering the God of War of 2018 for a while in that of the weights and the rhythm of combat, although in this case it is also loaded with weapons of the wild west that They do not fall short of making blood jump through the air.

In addition to the fight, which is certainly what has most shone from the video, it also shows some of its different environments (or biomes ) and the possibilities of movement that the game will offer, such as landslides or a hook to balance us for its world. The same environment, by the way, seems to have an important role within the fight, since it indicates that we can help us (for example, pushing our enemies towards areas with spikes) to maximize the damage we do.

Recall that, according to the study itself, Evil West describes as a third-person shooting game that puts you in the boots of a vampire hunter who rescues a wild west devoured by darkness.

Evil West will be published on September 20 at Xbox One ,XBOX Series X and S , PlayStation 4 , PlayStation 5 and PC *.