[Park Moon Young-soo reporter] Park Bo-kyun, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, is expected to hold a meeting with the game industry in early July. He is expected to listen to major issues in the industry, including a 52-hour work system, Panho and P2E game.


According to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on the 21st, Minister Park Bo-kyun is being tuned to meet with the game industry. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism said, The specific schedule has not been confirmed yet, but at the beginning of July, Park Bo-kyun will meet with the game industry.

If Minister Park Bo-kyun meets with the game industry in the future, it is expected that various issues will be dealt with, including a 52-hour workweek and P2E game’s entry into Korea.

The first vice minister of the Ministry of Education, Jeon Byung-kuk, held a game industry meeting in the conference room of the Global Game Hub Center in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 17th, and opinions on major game companies such as Nexon, NCsoft, and Smilegate as well as 52-hour system. I also listened.

In the case of P2E games, it has emerged as a global trend as well as in Korea, but in Korea, the Game Water Management Committee has not been classified as a law on the game industry promotion. Domestic companies that enter the global P2E game market are talking to the government to allow P2E games to allow P2E games in the domestic market.