Control is one of the favorite 9th 9th APEX Legends game modes, and he returned to the game with a new card. The end of the world was added to the map of cards at the beginning of this season, and fans will be able to experience the game mode Control at various points of interest (POI) on this map. In the event Awakening Collection there are several tests that players should perform in the control mode, and we came up with several strategies that will help you win.

Где находится карта «Контроль» на краю света в Apex Legends?

Earlier, Control On World’s Edge took place in Hammond Labs only. However, now players will also be able to fight on lava siphon POI on the edge of the world. Both POIs are added during rotation of cards for the control mode, and these POIs are divided into three separate zones that the commands should capture.

How to capture several zones in control mode in APEX Legends?

In the game Control, players will have to capture and hold three different zones to win the game. Each team has nine players, and all three zones remain neutral until they are captured by a particular team. The goal is to capture and hold the zone, which means that it does not matter who will commit the largest number of murders. Separate and reign-the best strategy for capturing several zones in the game Control. We recommend players to focus on the site B, since any team that captured the middle zone has more chances to win.

Focus most of the powerful abilities of your team on the capture of the z1. As soon as it is captured, call for defensive legends to install traps, walls and other devices that will stop the onslaught of the enemy. When protecting the zone, it is important to hold together, like a group, isolated legends are often ended with the fact that they are inferior to the z1. Players with impeccable sniper abilities can accommodate in the building opposite the site B, providing distant support to teammates hurrying to the capture of the zone.

The best legends for playing control mode in Apex Legends

Control in APEX Legends is a game for the target and effective retention of zones. Naturally, legends like shaft , watson , caustic , giblatar , fuse , Bloodhaund and Bangalor Prospecting in this format dominance of the z1. Although these are the most popular legends for control, we recommend that players try out the preferred legend in this game mode.

Players can also change legends in the middle of the game in Control, and we recommend choosing the perfect character depending on the map. Legends with traffic ability, such as Pathfinder, Valkyrie, Octane and Horizon, are great for aggressive jerks to capture any z1. Follow the capture bonuses, protecting the zones, and always stay in the group to avoid numerical superiority.

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