Lost ARK has different collecting items that you can look for in the Procedic Sea to get awards. Of these objects of collecting, one of the most interesting is the hearts of giants . There are various ways to acquire these collection items, as indicated in collection items list. There are also various awards that you can unlock by visiting Island of wisdom and talking with Minerva .

The heart of the fourteenth giant needs a lot of time and patience to get from all 15. To get it, you must reach the Trusted Rapport stage with NPC named Nineveh on whispering island . This island is located east of Puniki in the whispering sea.

Где найти Ниневию на Шепчущем островке в Lost Ark?

Nineveh can be found on the western side of the island near the windy hill. She needs a total of 102,200 understanding points, which is one of the highest rates in the whole game. This is an excellent NPC to use any of your relic evaluate Rapport gifts, if you have them. As soon as you reach the stage of reliable understanding, the fourteenth heart of the giant will appear in your list of collecting items. You do not need to do anything to tie him to your character.

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