In total, RAFT has four new characters that players can unlock in the game. To unlock any of these characters, you first need to find them. However, the world in RAFT is huge, so finding all four may seem like a rather difficult task. Fortunately, finding all four is not as difficult as you think. This is where to find and how to unlock all the characters in RAFT.

how to unlock Elein in RAFT

To unlock Elaine on the raft, you must find it on the island of Tangaroa. On a massive dome island, you can find Elaine inside, sitting in a chair. But before you can get Elaine as a character, you must go through a story by 100 percent.

how to unlock Johnny in RAFT

You can unlock Johnny on the raft by finding him on the island of Balboa. But to get to Johnny, you need to go deep into the island and find them inside the tower. At the top of this tower, you will find Johnny sitting on the bed.

how to unlock talu in raft

To unlock the tala on the raft, users must find it on the radio tunnel. Once on the radio rack, you will need to climb the complex and get to the top floor. On the top floor of Tala sits next to the table with the radio. A conversation with her, as with other characters, opens her as a game character.

how to unlock the shogo in RAFT

If you want to unlock the shuo, you must find them on the icy island of moderation in Rafta. On the island of the shogo is located inside the underground research complex.

How to choose a new character in RAFT

As soon as you unlock all four characters in RAFT, you can choose them by creating a new game. You can find and choose all four characters through the character tab in the character creation menu. After choosing a new character, start the game, and you can play for a new unlocked character. For example, you can create objects such as hives, collect resources, explore new objects and do everything that you did during your first passage, but now with a new character.

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