The domestic tournament of Valorant held at Saitama Super Arena Valorant Champions TOUR 2022: JAPAN STAGE 2 CHALLENGERS PLAYOFFS . In the Grand Final, the third ZETA Division vs NORTHEPTION, which was the third time from STAGE1, fought fierce.

The result of the game played in BO5 was NorthEption in Map Score 3-1. This has decided to participate in 2022 VCT Masters Copenhagen in Denmark Copenhagen from July 10 to 25, 2022.

The editorial department interviewed the Captain Blackwiz of the NorthEption player ** immediately after winning the third place in the world. We asked about the current feelings, the impression of the Chinese team, and the enthusiasm for Copenhagen.

ー Did you feel that you won the domestic qualifying?

BLACKWIZ: Actually, I haven’t really felt it, and I feel like I’m still in a dream, I won?

-The moment you decided to win the last victory with the 4th map Assent, how was your voice chat and atmosphere?

BLACKWIZ: I heard the word Neigher !!!!, and when I turned to the side, Derialy had a great smile, and I had something to do with me, and I didn’t remember anything afterwards (laughs). ) When I noticed, the press conference started, and I don’t remember what I said at the press conference (laughs)

ー ー I really did the third honesty for ZETA, which I was talking about at the press conference yesterday, but was there a decisive difference in comparing yesterday and today’s ZETA?

BLACKWIZ: Koreans had experience in offline VCTs, but yesterday was yesterday’s match that was not really familiar with offline. I played in a state where I did not know how hard the sound of the game could be heard due to white noise, so I wonder if there was a big difference from ZETA there. Today I was able to perform well because it was a play after understanding the offline environment.

Speaking of offline, how did you try playing in an audience?

BLACKWIZ: I myself thought that I was nervous because it was my first time to play with offline spectators, but I was not nervous. But I felt that ZETA, who is playing in such an environment, feels like a sudden game in an unfamiliar environment.

-Did you play two games yesterday and get used to the environment and lead to today’s victory?

BLACKWIZ: I was used to it, but I lost to ZETA while I had won the UPPER without losing, and it was a big way to blow it out without the end, so I can’t lose. It changed to that feeling. From that point on, it was good to be able to play with the Ikeike mood, saying, Let’s do our best because it’s the last even if we cry or laugh!

ー ー How was today’s BO5, the first match ice box?

BLACKWIZ: We were banning the ice box through Stage1. Derialy said he hadn’t played for a month (at the previous press conference), including scrimming, but he didn’t play the ice box for about six months.

So today’s icebox is moving on the premise that the ice boxes are taken (by the other party), and it was like a feeling of adjusting the aim of the aim, like a rank match. It was a feeling that I could win if everyone was playing with a cool feeling (laughs)

ー ー How was the moment of the ice box victory?

BLACKWIZ: I didn’t think I could win, so I got the momentum, saying, This is cool!

ー ー The 2nd map Haven has been dropped by a big difference, but how did you switch?

BLACKWIZ: Haven was a confident map, but there were some parts that were losing and being done mental. However, the aim is the winning, so everyone has a common awareness that if he is tagged with one map, he has a common awareness and switched.

In the subsequent fractures, I was able to take the round continuously and grasp the momentum, so I think no one cared for Haven from that area.

The story changes a little, but did you have the opportunity to practice with the Chinese team in the scrim?

BLACKWIZ: Yes, almost every day, I scrim with the Chinese team.

ー ー This time, the Chinese team frame was set up in Champions LCQ (Last Chance qualifying).

BLACKWIZ: I’ve been playing on a Chinese server all the time in the CS: GO era, and I feel that the level of aim is really different in the Asian region, and the Chinese team TYLOO is the first to be at the top in Asia. Sometimes I left such a result.

I don’t know because I’ve never played against a distant region, but I think it’s a considerable threat in LCQ because I think it’s good in Asia.

I decided to go to Copenhagen. Do you have any teams you want to fight?

BLACKWIZ: I don’t participate in this Masters, but I want to fight Team Liquid. CS: GO’s SCREAM players have been respected since the era, and I really like the team Liquid itself, and I was so supported by the CS: GO era, so I would like to fight.

ー Finally, please give us your enthusiasm for Copenhagen.

BLACKWIZ: In Stage1, ZETA was third in the world, and I achieved the biggest achievement in Japan’s E-Sports history, and I was moved by my heart. Next, I want to play a game that can move someone’s heart.

The powerful interview that said in the joy of dreamy, I could play a game that could move someone’s heart was a very impressive interview.

NorthEption, led by BLACKWIZ players, will challenge the world war at the 2022 VCT Masters Copenhagen held in Denmark Copenhagen from July 10 to 25, 2022. Let’s send generous support from Japan!