** Pokémon are usually cute to check out.
Yet many also taste sweet.

Or are well matched for coffee and also cake, morning meal or an honorable dinner.
In our image series we chose eleven Pokémon that we would certainly rather consume than train. **

Which Pokémon can you eat?

You have possibly already seen one or the other scene from the anime, in which characters sparked from a tasty Pokémon roast
And also in the games as well as Pokédex entrances there are constantly recommendations that Pokémon is eaten by individuals.
In the adhering to image series you will certainly find eleven Pokémon, which would certainly make themselves completely on the plate.
And also ultimately we also clarify a misconception.

Due to the fact that a Pokémon, which numerous believe that it is edible, is not in reality at all.
Yet look on your own: .