Pearl Abyss (CEO Hur Jin-young) updated the new class ‘Dracania’ of the Black Desert Mobile today (5th).

Dracania is a class that is armed with the Great Sword ‘Slayer’ made with the thoughts of the dragons and the ‘shard’ made by picking up their lines. It is characterized by a powerful blow that puts the surrounding energy into the slayer. As a dragon’s wing, you can quickly adjust the distance to reverse the battlefield.

Pearl Abyss unveiled Dracania for the first time at the 2022 Heidel Conference on July 2. In addition, the company announced a policy to support new and return users, new and return user support policies.

‘Fairy’ is a companion of adventures that can grow into a personality through sympathy as a childhood. The contents of ‘conversation’ and ‘request’ can be increased to increase intimacy and updated in August. Sahazard, the top difficulty of the metropolitan membranes, plans to provide a more expanded seamless field experience than the existing field.


Starting with the banquet, the company is in the process of a large-scale campaign ‘Mo. Ye. Night’. Anyone will receive six ‘chaos’ grade equipment by accessing at 09:00 on August 16. It will be organized every week with a new event, and the footnote event will be released sequentially. In addition, all users who have applied for notifications within the campaign period will provide additional rewards such as the Dracania Sensitive Selection Box, Margoria’s Outlaw Costume, Chaos ACs, or Acrad Selection Box, and Black Pearl.

Meanwhile, the Heidel Banquet, which was held offline in two years, is a star chef Rayman Kim’s evening dinner, Ryu Hwi-man Pearl Abyss Audio and Im Mi-jung pianist, and various benefits with global users, etc. The event was held.