Nevertheless, EA makes clear that we will proceed to have accessibility to any type of material that we have previously acquired with BioWare points. Although EA hasn’t made it clear, DLC must be downloadable now on the Origin system if you have purchased any one of the 4 video games provided above. Anyhow, any concerns or tips in this regard can be sent to EA’s technological support.


Electronic Arts is distributing some DLC for numerous BioWare video games in combination with the elimination of BioWare points on Origin this October 11 . This currency was utilized to buy DLCs for titles launched by the workshop. Naturally, the various other BioWare money such as crystals and platinum will remain to be offered as before.

For the following 3 months, BioWare points can still be utilized to buy the multiplayer DLCs readily available in Mass Impact 3. Once October 11 arrives, those multiplayer packs can only be gotten with the credit scores you have gained playing the title .