In Apex Legends , a large amount of accounts that had been fraudulent in arena mode seemed to be suspended all at once. A security person in charge of Respown Entertainment has reported.

The arena mode in APEX LEGENDS is a game mode that has been permanently installed since Season 9. At 3V3, we will fight for three rounds. Weapons, consumables, abilities, etc. are purchased in advance on the menu screen at the start of the match. It is also important to select purchased items in limited funds. In addition, there is a normal mode and rank mode in Aliner mode. In rank mode, a tension battle with arena rank points is being developed.

And this time, it seems that a large amount of unauthorized accounts in this arena mode were banned. Conor Ford, Hideouts, is a security analyst at Respown Entertainment. His Twitter account often announces information about the wrong players in this work.

According to him, users who pierced a hole in the Arena Lank system and users who had 6-Manning in arena mode are punished. It is said that 1307 accounts have been suspended for each platform. The suspension period is from two weeks to permanent suspension, and is stipulated according to the degree of fraud.

It is not clear how the six-person rigging was taken. If the name is as indicated, it will be matched by six people. On the other hand, it is thought that the team was playing to abandon the game, as the team’s Arena rank points would increase. In the Arena Lank, six people had been rigging than before, and in January of this year, Ford said that 568 accounts were suspended.

After the above reports, Ford reported that 925 accounts were suspended for each platform for the predator belt arena rank player, which had been fraudulent in the arena. As a result, the leader board has been purified. It is unclear whether this is included in the above 1307 accounts. In any case, a considerable number of users seemed to have climbed up to the Arena Lank Predator belt due to fraud.

Other developers have responded to Ford’s BAN report. RSPN_PAV, a live team support, has been particularly disappointed by the 20 Nintendo Switch players who have been rigging six people. John Rarson, a game designer, quoted Ford’s words, Find another hobby, as a row of 1307 rigging players.

It seems that Ford’s Instagram has received a message from users who seem to have been suspended. According to a message, the user is pleading to revive his account instead of reporting more than 50 fraudulent users he knows. So to speak, we offer a proposal like a judicial transaction. Although he has not revealed whether he has accepted the proposal, he commented, My favorite message has arrived on Instagram.

APEX LEGENDS This act has been caught all at once in the arena mode. Ford’s monitoring eyes seem to be pointed to arena mode without exception. In Japan, Rin Matsuoka supports the official report window of the cheetah/grooper (chiming). When you meet the fraudulent, report with the evidence clip (video).