Microsoft has announced the games that will be incorporated into Game Pass during the second half of July. The first batch can start downloading from tomorrow, and during this fortnight you will arrive games like Inside or Watch Dogs 2 . Let’s go with all games:

Tomorrow, July 19, they will join the service Watch Dogs 2 and AS DUSK Falls , both in all Game Pass systems. Although the Ubisoft hackers game does not need a presentation, it should be noted that As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama title that will be the first interior/night project, and will come to the Microsoft subscription.

Thursday 21 are Sins of A Solar Empire: Rebellion (only on PC), Torment: Tides of Number (Cloud and consoles) and MotoGP 22 (on all platforms), Graduate Motorcycle Game Developing Milest1. Rebellion is an independent expansion of the original game in which we will control a spatial empire, while Torment: Tides of Numbers is a role title that acts as a spiritual successor of the plans Cape: Torment of 1999.

The last to join Game Pass this month will be Inside , which will do so on July 29 in consoles, cloud and PC. The most recent launch of the Danish of Playdead, who mixes puzzles, terror and even platform, took the best game of the year at the Bafta gala in 2016.

Before going with the games that leave the service, they also anticipate a few games that can be played with Xbox Touch Control from mobiles. They will be Citizen Sleop, Disc Room, Escape Academy, Garden Story, Little Witch in the Woods, Lost in Random, Spacellines from the Far Out, Umurangi Generation, As Dusk Falls, Yakuza 0, Kiwami and Kiwami 2.

Finally, there will be farewells, there will be five games that will leave Game Pass on July 31. Those who leave are Dodgeball Academia, Katamari Damacy Reroll, Lumines Remastered, Omno and Raji: An Ancient Epic.