In the Apex Legends season 14, the developer announced that self-resuscitation by gold knockdown shield was abolished. In response to the abolition decision, some users seem to be lonely.

In APEX Legends, each of the gold-colored equipment (Lv.4) has a special effect. For example, at present, a gold backpack can be revived in a state where the strength and armor are greatly recovered during the resuscitation of allies. With a gold knock-down shield, you can revive your own when you knock down. After the successful resuscitation, the knock-down shield changes to Lv.3, so it cannot be continuously revived.

On the other hand, it has been announced that the special effects of gold backpacks and gold knock-down shields will be changed from Season 14. For gold backpacks, the effects described above are lost, so you can carry more recovery items than usual. The gold knock-down shield is said to have the effect of losing self-resuscitation and reviving the physical strength and the restoration of armor when resuscited.

Following the announcement of these changes, some users seem to be lonely. Overseas bulletin board Reddit pointed out clips, pointing out that a new season would be impossible to play.

The clip was posted on the final game of the battle royal mode. The player has down the last one of the enemy unit, but the game is not over. This is because there are enemies equipped with a gold knock-down shield. For the time being, a player who suspects the opponent in front of him. The premonition was in the middle, and the opponent was developing a gold knock-down shield in the corner of the room. The video player destroys the opponent using a finisher. It was sunny and became a champion of this match.

After the abolition of self-resuscitation, for example, in the above video, the game will end when the last opponent goes down. In the new season, you will not be able to use the finisher to win. Conversely, you will not be able to see the reversal, such as winning the victory because you are a finisher.

Regarding the self-resuscitation of the gold knock-down shield, it is an element that has long been seen from users for abolition (related articles). In particular, professional players have a strong dissatisfaction. The gold knock-down shield has been deleted in ALGS. Such feedback has reached the developer, and in Season 14, it has finally been abolished.

In the thread above, there are voices that accept the abolition of gold knockdown shields. Mainly, it is considered that the ranking of units, which had a high gold knock-down shield in the end of the rank match, is going to rise. On the other hand, while recognizing such problems, some users seem to have enjoyed it as the character of Apex Legends.

The above users like the self-resuscitation elements in this work, and they feel lonely to disappear. As in the previous video, the same is true for the finisher to win the championship. The user seems to have evaluated the fact that such elements have changed each game, even if they have not been able to balance the game scene. There are also opinions that casual matches and shooting practice areas want to leave self-resuscitation. While recognizing the problems of self-resuscitation, there are users who are lonely to completely eliminate them.

APEX LEGENDS The self-resuscitation effect of the gold knock-down shield that existed from the beginning. Developers have stated that the reason for the abolition of the same effect is to bring a new game experience to players. The aim is to increase the usefulness of New Castle’s passive abilities. New Castle is a legend with a very low recruitment rate recently. In the abolition of elements that have existed for many years, the name of unpopular legendary rescue may make it easier to execute.

APEX LEGENDS Season 14 is scheduled to open on August 10th Japan time. If you finish the game brilliantly with the finisher, you may want to leave a clip as a memory.