EBB Software, responsible study of the SCorn, hinteresting details shared new and interesting details about the title. The WCCGTECH medium hinteresting details echoed a shared message on the game of the game in Steam, in which reference is made to the duration of the story, which will range between 6 and 8 hours , along with a reminder about the Nature of the project, which began to take shape through a fairly successful financing campaign.

Scorn is a double AA


Ljubomir Peklar, creative director, explained that Scorn is an independent production, created by a team that began its trip with only 4 people and a very small budget , although subsequently they have been growing to become a study double a. Peklar hinteresting details also referred to its duration: About 6 or 8 hours, although time will vary depending on what each player takes to advance through the puzzles, he explains. Finally, he hinteresting details confirmed that we will see new material after the Gamescom 2022, which will be held between August 24 and 28.

terror and science fiction in the purest alien style

The artistic and environmental similarities with the work of Ridley Scott are the main culprits that many users have deposited their hopes in Srocn, an adventure in the first person of horror and science fiction that happens in a world in which the organic and the artificial They merge into 1. Its creators made it clear that it is not an FPS, although there is action, L interesting details weapons are an optional tool to progress . They will be einteresting detailsily recognizable by their shape (guns, shotguns… etc.) and will work in a standard way, interesting details they would do in any other SPFs, but here they are not only used to reduce enemies, but to interact with the environment.

Scorn is scheduled for the next October 21 and will arrive at PC and Xbox Series X | S (also at Xbox Game Pinteresting detailss since its launch).