Colored gems are collectible that are hidden in the worlds of Crash Bandicoot 4: it’s about time. They are a total of four (red, green, blue and yellow) and you need to get them to access the trophy/achievement that belongs to it and to get all the hidden gems. You need all colored gems to open the hidden gem door of the toxic tunnel level Isla Cortex, year 1996.

Red Gema

It is located at the level Summit N. Sanity of the world Isla N. Sanity, news. To obtain it you have to step on the platforms in the opposite direction of the clock needles, by stepping on the last platform (central) the red gem will appear in front of you.

The pictures with image numbers represent the stage paintings. Jump on them in the order that marks you to do it correctly. In principle, there is no time to do it, but neither does it take too long.

Green Gem

It is at the level Pisa the Accelerator of the world Dangerous Planicies, year 2084. In the rest of the enemy’s persecution, it hits the garbage cube to make control of the right appear, then hits the control so that it comes out A playful of the garbage cubes on the right (the one who is burning) and continues to hit to move. Break the green nitro box before it arrives to get the green gem.

Blue Gema

It is at the elongated level of the world cataracts of tranquility, year 1402. Complete the entire level without breaking a single box, not even checkpoint boxes. If you do well, you find the blue gem at the end of the level. It has no loss. Luck!

Yellow Gema

It is located at the river level of the Ciénaga World Cénzalo, a few days ago. It is located at the beginning of the level. Go to the right to the platform you see and jump on the boxes on the left to reach the gem.

Once you have obtained them all, go to the level toxic tunnel in the world Isla Cortex, year 1996 to get access to the door that open the colored gems and keep the hidden gem of the level.


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