In recent months they have not been simple for Nintendo, because before some work complaints that involve somewhat unfair schedules as well as overtime not consented by the employees of America. Now a problem has joined the list, since a couple of days ago a new one of these complaints against the Japanese company emerged.

The complaint was filed on August 7 against Nintendo and Aston Carter as joint employers. Accusations include concerted activities (reprisals, dismissal, discipline) and coercive rules. Both rules belong to section 7 and section 8 (a) (1) of the National Labor Relations Law, points that have almost not been recognized.

The first part guarantees the right of users to unionize or self-organize for mutual help and protection. The second establishes that it is illegal for companies to interfere, restrict or coercion to employees so that they do not exercise these rights. So employees have the right to create their unions, although it is not ideal.


Four sources familiar with the incident mention that it was derived from a hired employee who asked the unions in a meeting and was then fired by a limit violation of his NDA. Nintendo said in a statement that there were no attempts for union or related activity and that the employee had been fired for revealing confidential information only.

For now ni Nintendo and neither Aston Carter They have spoken about it. With this complaint, it would be the second labor demand that accumulates since last April.