Inspired by RTS masterpieces in the 1990s and 2000s, the classic RTS ‘Tempest Rising’ was released today (13th) and THQ Nordic Digital Showcase.

Tempest Rising is a RTS game featuring a classic atmosphere after the nuclear war. There are three factions in the game. Players must choose one of them and fight to win the last hegemony in the world. In order to win, it is necessary to grasp the characteristics of each faction. Each faction has its own combat and economic ecosystems, so we need to understand each characteristics and write the best strategies and tactics that suit you.

This is not only this. There are neutral structures and neutral units in crabs, where all three factions can be attracted to their side. These neutral units show excellent ability as each faction wants, so using them well is a shortcut to victory.

Tempest Rising supports two single-play campaigns consisting of 15 missions. In the campaign, the player can be a commander of the Global Defense Forces or Tempest Dynasty, and can compete with other users through multiplayer.

‘Tempest Rising’ does not support Korean, and the release date is undecided. Other details of the game can be found on the Steam page.