If you thought that Meramon was the coolest Digimon that you have ever seen, wait until you cross with Bluemeramon! This is an analogue of the champion-level Meramon, which causes the enemies double damage. This leadership will tell in detail about Bluemeramon, his whereabouts and how to make friends with him in Digimon Survive.

How to recruit and make friends with Bluemeramon


Players will be able to find Bluemeramon when they pass half the game plot and go to Part 6. Bluemeramon is undoubtedly the most epic look of Digimon, which we faced when playing Digimon Survive. The body is covered with frosty blue flame, and performance is even stronger than that of a mercemon, how much can it be perfect?

It belongs to the highest level and has some dangerous attacks such as Ice Phantom, Cold Flame, Ice Bomb, Vision Blinder and MP Magic. Moreover, he freezes his enemies to death and guarantees that no one will be spared when he shares the battlefield.

At the beginning of part 6, the players will go to the free battles of the second island and will meet with Blumeramon along with Falcomon, Montzaemon and Ethemon.

However, keep in mind that as soon as Falcomon runs away, Bluemeramon will also stop appearing, so players may want to make friends with Bluemeramon as the first task at the entrance to Part 6. If you miss the opportunity, you can always go to Part 7. Where you often You will see this Digimon with an ice flame.

After you encountered Bluemeramon and fought with him in battle, it was time to answer his questions. Bluemeramon will ask you a total of three questions, each of which has four answer options, but only one of them is the correct answer.

The best answers

Each correct answer gives you two points; You will need a few more to have the right to ask Bluemeramon to become your friend. Here are the possible questions that he will ask you, and the best answers to them, if you want to catch it.

Q1. I do not want to do anything but funny things! Are you right too?

A: I’m not like you.

Q2. ‘This is my territory! Leave a little food and get out of here!

A: I’ll think about it.

Q3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Graaaaaa! Any other will only get in my way!

A: This is a crazy conversation.

Q4. ‘Did you know? Take a nap after you stuffed your face, just the best!

A: This is bad for your intestines.

Q5: I will destroy you! Guahahahaha!

A: Scary! But I will win.

Q6: Wow… When I wait, I want to go crazy!

A: [Stare in amazement.]

Q7: Are you not fragile in appearance. Do you eat enough meat?

A: I prefer vegetables.