Square Enix distributed the 72nd FFXIV Producer Letter LIVE to deliver information implemented in the next update of Final Fantasy XIV on August 12. We will deliver this broadcast, which has been announced with detailed information such as Manmaden Pan Demonium: Purgatory, Pioneering Pioneer in Annocated Island, and Weapon Enhancement Content!

Patch 6.2 Forbidden Memory will be distributed on August 23! Trailers who are worried about various things are lifted

The beginning of the broadcast starts with a patch 6.2 trailer. In this main story, the thirteenth world, which is called Void, is greatly involved, and many points that are anxious, such as Lahablea, one of Asien, and hilld brands.

The expected distribution date of Patch 6.2 was announced as August 23 . It has been announced that the highly difficult content Manmaden Pandemonium Zero: Purgatory will be implemented on August 30, one week after the release of the patch.

In the main quest, Ikai Solar Castle Troja Court and an unknown battle are implemented. In particular, Mr. Yoshida commented on the Troy coat map, It is used in a different way, so it will be necessary to check in the future.

At the Substory Quest, we will further develop the stories implemented in previous patches, such as Tatar’s Great prosperity shop and incident shop Hill Debrand. It seems that the quest clearing of the Allian Slade series Shadow of Maha series of Soten’s Ishgard is a prerequisite in Tataru’s Great Shoten Shoten.

The quest of Hill Divand will also be derived in the 6.x series Weapon Enhancement Content, so it seems that it will be necessary to proceed firmly before the patch implementation.

The content supporter function, which allows you to capture content in solo, is also expanded, and the dungeon visits in the main story after Shinsei Eorzea patch 2.1 and some dungeons of the expansion package Ishgardo. increase.

In the dungeon of Ishgardo no Ishgard, it is possible to capture the NPC that appears in the story, and he is conscious of the part of I wanted to see such a scene. Not only beginners but also players have been renovated, such as making changes to the boss gimmicks and cut scenes.

The Imperial Corporation Ishgard Defense Battle, which was a content for eight people, was renovated into an event battle for one person, and instead the player will be the first to challenge the eight-person content Yoshikou Moguru Mog XII. Mr. Yoshida has supplemented that it has been renovated into a gentle and easy-to-understand content (enough to play).

Until now, due to the gimmicks, it was a content that had been destroyed if I noticed it, so it seems that those who have been solo plays so far can be captured with confidence.

Pandemonium Zero will be implemented on August 30! The zero type this time is pretty messy! ?

In patch 6.2, the new story Purgatory of the raid content Mankaden Pandemonium will be implemented, and this time the highly difficult version of Mankaden Pandemonium Type is an implementation one week later than the patch 6.2 release. A trial to do.

It will affect various players, such as preparing items that increase new equipment and status, preparation and practice time for content capture, so we will accept feedback to determine the future policy. It is said that it is.

Mr. Yoshida commented on such Pandemonium Type Type Type content content, pretty much crazy . It also said that new gimmicks were included. On the other hand, it seems that the sounds are strongly particular, so you can expect them to include that area.

Protot Kerbunkle appeared in the actual play scene. Speaking of Carbunkle, it is a lovely pet of the summoner, but what was projected is a brutal monster with sharp claws. In some cases, the viewer’s comment that the battle area is narrow responded, There is a reason to be narrow.

In addition, there are scenes that introduce content reward equipment. This time, it is equipped with VFX (effect). For weapons, there were also such effects, but armor with effects such as flames and rings is the first attempt.

It has also been announced that some of the items that can be exchanged for equipment have changed some rates from this time, making it easier to obtain. In addition to quickly obtaining powerful equipment, it is also useful when you want to strengthen multiple job equipment.

In addition, regarding the Job Adjustment **, which is one of the hottest of the large updates, the policy will be clearly sent out what kind of intentions have been adjusted in the future. rice field. There are intentions and nuances that cannot be conveyed in live broadcasting, so I would like you to check the future patch notes and job guides for that.

The important status of battle critical and direct hits are also adjusted, and the specifications that are activated by the critical/direct hit are changed to increase the damage due to the effect of the buff. 。 The idea of which status to extend, including a warrior who has an action that activates critical and direct hits, is likely to change.