Webzen (CEO Kim Tae-young) has launched a large-scale content update on its PC web game Mu Ignition2.

In the 18th update on the 11th, Webzen added the new PVP contents, the ice snow continent, and the character development content, ‘Soul’.

‘Ice Snow Continent’ is a battle royale-type content every Thursday and Sunday, 21:00 to 22:00. Through free matching between users during the event time, up to 30 people will participate in three pairs and the game begins under equal conditions regardless of equipment and items. At the end of the battlefield, it is possible to receive a daily ranking compensation according to the ‘Battlefield Point’ of each participant.

‘Soul’ is a development content that can be mounted by achieving the conditions that can enter the ice snow continent. A total of eight slots, such as deterioration, residency, thunder, forests, and ice, can increase the character’s combat power and various properties. In addition, each soul can collect ‘Chaos of Chaos’ and ‘Soul Soul Stone’ to proceed with the level up and level up. In particular, if you acquire the ‘Soul Strike’ option through fostering ‘Soul of the beginning’, the damage effect of 1.5 times in the battle is given.

Webzen has also updated the one-on-one PVP content ‘Lee Street Conflict’, which has been divided into qualifiers and finals since the 14th.

‘This conflict’ can be participated when three characters achieve level 1 with the Legion function. During the two-week qualifying round, you can win a winning point with a one-on-one confrontation with a random member. Depending on the point, the top 64 finals are squeezed and the finals will be held in the form of a two-day tournament. Participation in the ‘conflict’ can obtain the materials of ‘Lee Kye Equipment’ and ‘Core Core’, which can increase the character’s properties through compensation.


Webzen is also conducting various events with the 18th update of ‘Mu Ignition 2’.

First of all, you can enjoy the ‘new server event’ benefits until 31st. If you enter a new server this month during the event, it will support ‘Special Package’. ‘Special Package’ adds the benefits of character high-speed growth by consisting of items necessary for fostering ‘attribution diamonds’, ‘experience potions’ and ‘jewelry of blessing’.

In addition, all servers in ‘Mu Ignition 2’ will be held in the same period. Lucky boxes, which can be obtained up to four times a day per account, are given random among 22 items, including the Dark Soul Wolf Summoning Stone, the New Year’s Day, and the 100-Lord Dia. The same item can only be obtained up to 10 times, so users can receive a variety of luxury items.

For more information about the new update and various events of Webzen’s PC web game, Mu Ignition 2, can be found on the official website.