[Moon Young-soo Moon Young-soo reporter] ‘Summers Wars: Arena of Heaven’ and ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ met.

Com2uS (CEO Jae-jun Song, Joo-hwan Lee) will release a teasing video to announce the collaboration of the global hit intellectual property (IP) and Dev Sister’s masterpiece ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ and will be updated on the 29th. Notice.

The two companies have signed a business alliance to target Cookie Run: Kingdom’s European market, and have been working on strategic collaboration since May, sharing the global business know-how and IP. This collaboration is expected to be a global synergy based on the fun of fresh play through collaboration content and the thick fandom of the two IPs.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a character collection-type RPG that combines adventures, battles, and play that decorates and grows the kingdom. Immediately after its launch last year, it ranked No. 1 in major app markets in Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan, as well as in Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Summoners War is a collectable RPG that maximizes the fun of the monster combination strategy. It has achieved global downloads of 150 million won, sales of more than 2.9 trillion won, and has achieved the No. 1 game sales in more than 90 countries. I am receiving.