[Color Bus Moon Young-soo] Color Bus (CEO Lee Yong-soo) unveiled a web entertainment with the girl group ‘A Pink’ member Oh Ha-young on the 3D Metabus ‘Puppy Red’ on the 18th.

This web entertainment was planned for the enthusiasts who remember Palpyred and the women’s MZ generation in their seconds and thirties. Beginning with the self-proclaimed ‘Puppy Red Deok-duk-na’ Oh Ha-young, he will capture various episodes of contents planning and the development direction of content planning and meta bus projects in the form of omnibus.

The color bus explained that when Oh Ha-young posted a ‘recruitment of planners’ on Twitter two years ago, Oh Ha-young retweeted his announcement and asked how to support it.

An official of the Color Bus explained, We will try to deliver the charm of Puppy Red as well as the sequential release of the web entertainment episode that is collaborated with Oh Ha-young as well as the Meta Bus in app.

Meanwhile, Color Bus received equity investments from Kakao’s subsidiary Neptune in October last year. Neptune’s stake in color buses is 44%.