The majority of League of Legends players share the common objective of climbing in qualifying games, but when the season ends, few are those who have reached their goal. Climbing a single league requires dozens of hours and it is very complicated to be at a good level of performance for so long. Even more if we don’t even know what is the best way to organize. However, a member of the usual community in the highest range of the game has wanted to share very simple tips that will really help us increase our MMR.

The 9 gold rules of a challenger to climb in rankeds

The idea comes from Azer Dugalić , a player accustomed to playing his qualifying games in the highest range of all League of Legends. However, we should not expect from the list of advice of him an indication on how to develop within the items. This content creator, also known as Azzapp, has preferred to focus on to create a plan so that players who want to raise rank have a better performance without training for long periods of time. Basically, although surely we could all improve mechanically or in terms of strategy, the most ‘easy’ is to change habits..

The change of customs you need to succeed in League of Legends

To make the information easier to digest, we have taken the freedom to divide the nine rules into three simple sections. We start with the part of customs, that is, game habits that you should change If you want to succeed in League of Legends.

Rule 1-Improve your attitude in chat *: Writing something even remotely negative decreases your chances of winning significantly, says Azer. In this sense he stands very in the Riot Games line. The classic ‘Flame’ only serves to deconcentrate ourselves and our companions.
Rule 2-Few games in a row : Summarizing, if our goal is to play concentrates it is impossible to achieve it after having thrown seven games. The best thing is to find a moderate amount of clashes that we can play consecutively (between 2 and 4) and take a break. After stopping a little, we can play again. It is, above all, to break the game a few minutes to return more attentive.
Rule 3-Analyze your games : If our real objective is to upload, we have to strive to learn. It is better to play four games and analyze key moments than simply throw six. League of Legends is a very complex game and we observe it with a limited point of view (our camera as players). There are things that we lose or cannot understand. In this sense, he recommends taking a look at the repetitions of the games of the previous day before starting a new game session.

The correct mentality to play qualifying games

In addition to the customs before and after the games, Change our attitude during them will improve a barbarity.

* Rule 4-Soloq is a marathon : We have to remember that the seasons last almost eleven months and that the important thing is consistency. Increasing your best 2% yield is very difficult, but improving your worst games by 30% is simple. In fact, all other rules on the list will help us comply with it.

Rule 5-Goodbye to the autopilot *: We have to minimize the games we play using the autopilot and concentrate 100% at all times to play as if we were in a tournament. Pay attention to objectives, invoker spells and all the elements. Translated to the language we speak in the lowest ranges of the game, which never arrives in the three minute and you are surprised by the ‘Sumonners’ that the opponent carries.
Rule 6-Have fun *: If we don’t have a good time, it is easier to get your game or let innovative plays pass. The Azer Council is that we do not abuse the best champions, focusing better on the ones we like. In addition, he recommends that we try to enjoy the games because we are playing a video game and that goes the video games.

The most important changes in your game style

If we have learned so far we add some basic tips on how to play League of Legends, we have done it.

Rule 7-Do not die *: This is one of the learning that will help us most in qualifying items. Staying safe is one of the strategies that wins the most games. You may not have been trustworthy every time the developers have said, but pay attention to the good of Azzapp.
Rule 8-Design a Plan : Do not necessarily have to be the best strategist, but everything will improve if you propose the games in advance. Do not take the character selection phase as a break and start thinking that you will win. A bad plan is better not to have any (…) think what are the objectives of the enemies and which yours. Design a plan even if you are not 100% safe and adhere to it. It doesn’t matter if it works or not, because we will have learned something.
Rule 9-who covers a lot… : This is one of the classic advice, and is blunt. Within trying to comply with the rule that says we have to have fun, it is better if we limit our champions and positions played in qualifiers. Two champions and two positions is the optimal amount. Of course, you have to try to try all in normal to learn.

The hardest thing to follow all these tips will be to get used to them . However, it would be a great idea to try to apply them. We still have time to see their fruits before League of Legends season ends next November. For our part, we have little more to wish you luck in the rankeds and promise that we will continue to collect the most interesting advice and guides to help you succeed.