Blacksheets-the embodiment of cosmic magic in the world of Destiny 2. Their skill of owning a secret and elements makes them the power with which it is necessary to reckon. ARC 3.0 enhances their already deadly electrical capabilities. This assembly is focused on weakening enemies and maintaining a constant time to restore abilities. Weapons and armor are interchangeable, but we have listed them in a preferred order for this assembly.

What is the best assembly of the arches for warlocks?

Oak abilities

Stormtrans *: A chain of arc lightning from your hands in order to electrize goals with the destructive streams of arc light, which intensify over time. Using Stormtrance creates a shock wave under you. Run to teleport forward, consuming a small amount of superenergy.
healing the collapse : Create a well of power, which constantly heals those inside him.
Chain lightning : hand-to-hand combat with an enlarged radius of action, which shakes your goal and rivets lightning to the closest enemies. When strengthened, it creates an additional set of chains.

* Storm grenade : A grenade that causes a focused storm of lightning.

aspects of the arc

Oak soul *: Activate a fault to create the soul of an arc that shoots at the targets in front of you. Allies can go through your fault to get ARC Soul. Your collapse is charged faster when allies are nearby. When strengthened, your ARC Souls overload and receive increased rate of fire.
Electrostatic mind *: Victory over targets using the ARC abilities or victory over shake or blinded goals creates an Ionic Trace. The collection of Ionic Trace makes you enhanced.

Fragments of the arc

Iskra Ionov *: The victory over a shabby goal creates an ion mark.
The spark of the category : The final blows of an arc weapon can create an ion mark.
Iskra Mayakov : While you are strengthened, the last blows of your special ARC weapon create an blinding explosion.
* The spark of genius : the defeat of the blinded target causes a blinding explosion.

weapons, armor and fashion

  • Weapon
    Riskranner *: When you receive damage from the arc, this weapon becomes more powerful and resists the incoming damage from the arc. Murders extend the time in this overloaded state.
    Thunderer : The final blows of this weapon create stunning lightning blows from above. Strong against the champions of overload.
    Cold heart : This weapon shoots a stable arc laser with food from cold synthesis, causing the more damage, the longer it remains on the target.
    Trinity Gul *: releases an arrow that breaks down when released. Aiming and complete tension of onions reduce the spread.
    Crown of storms : The ability of arcs or final shocks with a push increase the rate of reloading of your arc abilities and extend the time of the storm trance.
    The fallen sunny star *: ion traces that you create are moving faster and give you additional energy of abilities. The closest allies also receive the energy of abilities when you collect Ionic Trace.
    Bury dancer : Each target that you win with a storm trance increases damage you inflict and restores superenergy when the storm translated ends.
    (Assembly of a thunderer) a holster for a machine gun : gradually reloads your cleaned machine guns over time. Several copies of this stack of perks to reduce the time required for complete reboot.
    (Assembly of a thunderer) Garber with a machine gun : machine guns receive additional reserves when you select ammunition.
    Thermal coating *: reduces the incoming sunny and arc damage from the fighters.
    charged with energy : Stay reinforced longer.
    Transfer evidence : The victory over the fighters on which the ARC debuffs act generates Ionic Trace.


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