Today we introduce you to an Xbox Game Pass Quests Overview including guidelines for the KW 34/2022. The new mission week ranges from August 23 to August 30, 2022.

Xbox Game Pass Quests KW 34/2022 Guide

  • Pursuit: Play 0/1
  • Game: Ark: Ultimate Survivior Version
  • Points: 25 factors

Instructions : The easiest method is to play the Game Pass games below. Locate an additional game that you might currently have on the Xbox or likewise mount a little game to obtain the factors.

  • Mission: weekly quest-do 3 daily orders
  • Game: optional
  • Information: 10 factors

  • Pursuit: Individual design-play 3 game pass games or attain 3 successes in the Game Pass Games

  • Game: optional
  • Things: 10 factors

That you can complete the quest, a basic begin of the game is currently adequate. The fastest way to finish the mission is to begin the game by means of the Xbox cloud.

That you can finish the quest, an easy start of the game is already adequate. The fastest method to complete the mission is to start the game through the Xbox cloud.

  • Mission: Play 0/1
  • Game: Floppy Knights
  • Points: 25 points

Recommendations : For this mission you need to begin an Xbox Game Pass game on the Xbox on 3 different days a week. Do this on 3 days and also the mission is done.

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Directions : The easiest method is to play the Game Pass games here. A short begin is enough so that it is counted. Every week there are 2 video games where you can collect Rewards factors, if you have this power you already have two out of 3 games. Find another game that you may already have on the Xbox or also install a little game to obtain the points. To conserve on your own a setup, a game from the cloud with the Game Pass app additionally functions.

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