Since the Valorant 2022 championship remained a week, Riot Games announced the time limited in time for the Champion Collection for 2022. This time, the main attention is paid to the cosmetic throw by Phantom Pink / Gold. In addition to the skin for a rifle, the set also includes a butterfly knife, a trophy map, a friend and a spray for a purchase. As last year, 50% of sales revenue will be returned directly to the participants in the form of scholarships or the distribution of the prize fund. The Valorant Champion 2022 collection will appear in the game store on August 23 and will remain in the store until September 21, 2022.

Valorant Championship Collection 2022 Bundle Set

The time limited in time for the championship for 2022 will contain the following items.

  • Skin phantom. The skin of a weapon includes a customizable sound effect, a change in the model and the visual effect that changes after every five murders (a maximum of 25 murders).
  • Bearing knife-the knife includes a special Easter egg, which will open if you surpass the frag and make 25 or more murders.
  • Trophy map
  • Rifle friend
  • Spray for walls


Remember that the Valorant Championship Collection kit, which is limited in time, will be available only from August 23 to September 21, 2022. He will never return to any form to the gaming store. It also applies to the skins and objects of the night market.

What is the price of the Valorant Championship 2022 Collection kit?

Riot Games did not reveal any details about the price of individual items or set. But there are rumors in the community that the collection set can debut at the cost of 6265 Valor’s glasses: a phantom with a tag of 2675 VP, and a butterfly knife-5350 VP. Nevertheless, we need to wait for official confirmation from Riot Games regarding the true cost of the kit.

How to buy a kit Valorant Championship 2022 Collection

You can purchase a Valorant Championship 2022 Collection kit by visiting a gaming store. Open Game and get to the main menu . Click on store icon in the upper right corner of the screen. You will find the Championship 2022 collection at the very top of the section. Choose it and buy any item of your choice from a limited set of set.

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