The scheduled date of the new minor change version of the PlayStation 5 main unit seems to be announced at the retail store web store. Although the details are unknown, the model number is the CFI-1200 series, and September 15 is the release date. The minor change version has been expected to appear from the technical certificate process.

This time, GEO Online has released information about the PS5 minor change version CFI-1200. The relevant page shows that the release date is September 15, 2022 along with the model number. Although no more details have been revealed, it seems that there is a high possibility that internal changes will be made mainly.

This is because the model number CFI-1100A/B, which is the previous minor change version, has been a hot topic of mysterious 300 grams lighter than before. This was concluded as a result of verification by overseas YouTuber and the effects of the reduction of the heat sink (related article). The CFI-1200 is also considered an invisible device as well. In June, the Sony Group also announced a policy of aiming for a major PS5 production this year. It may be that the production efficiency is included for such goals.

Speaking of September 15, it is also a day when the suggested retail price of the PS5 main unit is raised (related article). And the PS5’s Horizon Forbidden West version will be released on the same day. Although it is still unclear whether the minor change version will be distributed from September 15th, it is interesting that such opportunities match the description of GEO Online. In any case, I would like to hope that minor changes will be advantageous to increase production and improve the acquisition of PS5, which keeps in stock.