The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Culture and Culture) at 2 pm on the 30th, with the Korea Creative Content Agency (hereinafter referred to as Conjinwon), 53 students (Game Planning, Art, Programming) at the Pangyo LH Corporate Growth Center (Game Planning, Art, Programming) Graduation ceremony is held.

At this graduation ceremony, the best graduates will be awarded the Minister of Culture and Culture and the Congjin Commissioner Award. In addition, the company will be awarded the Game Association’s Award and NCsoft’s representatives, including the chairman of the Korea Game Industry Association, the Chairman of the Korea Game Developer Association, and the President of the Korea Mobile Game Association.


The training period for the Game Talent Institute is a total of two years, and in the first year, the game developer will have the basic education and short-term tasks (projects) for game developers. From the beginning of the opening, the educational direction was set to be customized so that trainees could be put into practice immediately after graduation. As a result, 37 out of the first 48 graduates last year recorded a 77%employment rate, and 30 out of 53 graduates worked and founded this year.

Based on these achievements, this year, the company has reinforced the professors of the Game Human Resources Institute from three to six, and is building the second campus with the goal of completing the year at the end of this year. When the second campus opens next year, the trainees will be expanded from 65 to 120 a year.

Considering the share of domestic contents industry exports, the government will reflect the game in the national affairs as a representative sector that can spread domestic contents to the world, and promote the strengthening of the game talent. Through this, we will strengthen the development of game talent, and will support the game development stage (planning-production-overseas expansion) and protect the rights of game users.

The policy officer of the Ministry of Culture and Industry said, It is very encouraging that 30 people have been employed early in the second term, and the company’s employment inquiries are steadily listening. By actively responding to the demands of the company, we expect the game talent to firmly establish as the birthplace of the talented game talent.