It must be noted that those DLCs that were connected to multiplayer features will certainly additionally end up vanishing , but at least there is another month to play these DLC if you are a computer customer. In situation you are a console user, you will have all this content beyond October 1.


A few weeks ago 3Dgos made a special on the closure of Ubisoft servers where we revealed the 15 Ubisoft games that lack on the internet functions, as well as 6 that you should attempt prior to it occurs. However, you can visit the main site and observe it in even more detail.

We already reported practically 2 months ago What had implied trouble for most of you, today it ends up that Ubisoft delays 1 month the taking apart of servers of some important computer game that appeared on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and also Wii U. The multiplayer attributes were mosting likely to vanish, and also with it some DLC for computer users, however in console the latter will certainly not happen.

All you have to do is Activate your DLC prior to it shows up on October 1: Trigger your DLC before the market withdrawal on October 1, 2022 to continue playing . No There will be an effect on the very same DLC for a gamer on gaming consoles , as well as you will certainly proceed to download and play them after October 1, 2022, says Ubisoft, which also confirms that Room Addict for computer will be discharged from in the early morning.

Ubisoft will shut the web servers of its games on October 1 Well, it seems that you can play more time for the DLC you acquired and also the multiplayer. Ubisoft has announced on its main web site that as of October 1 begins the closure of servers, yet you can still take benefit of the following DLC that we reveal listed below.

The DLC of a gamer will certainly vanish on PC since October 1, yet in gaming consoles the exact same will not happen Ubisoft clarifies that there is still a group operating in Anno 2070 , which will certainly not shut its servers because of that there is still a functioning team in Mainz. In this means the game will certainly be upgraded and replace its old online solutions, allowing players to enjoy their online attributes in the future . Surely this has been thanks to the statements that developers released a couple of weeks back.