East Japan Passenger Railway Co., Ltd. (JR East) released the Steam store page of JR East Train Simulator on September 2. According to the store page, early access distribution will be started on September 20. Screenshots and videos are released on the store page.

JR East Train Simulator is a railway operation simulator that JR East is a publishing. In this work, the player runs a railway vehicle as a driver on a real route of JR East. When the game starts, instruments and UIs are lined up on the screen with live-action stations and tracks. Considering the time and distance until the next station stop, adjust the speed by looking at the speedometer lined up on the instrument. On the JR East route, it will run the railway as a driver.

This work is scheduled to be distributed early, and in the first version, Hachiko Line (Kiha 110 Series) up, Takasaki-Kuragano and Keihin Tohoku Line (E233 series 1000 series) Southern, Omiya and Urawa. Can be driven. As for the flow of the game, select the driving route and vehicles, set the station from the route, and start running. For example, if you choose the Keihin Tohoku Line (E233 series 1000 series) south, you will choose the starting station from Omiya or Saitama Shintoshin and start operation. The elements are three levels (difficulty) of different stations. In the advanced level, the station stop range is only 1m, but in the beginner level, the station stop range is 5m, and the operation guide and driving information are also displayed, so it seems that you can play with confidence even for the first time in railway driving.

In addition, this work is developed using a commercial simulator used by JR East for crew training. The scenery seen from the driver’s seat uses a high-definition video taken by JR East route in live-action. The sounds that are heard from vehicles and tracks are also used using actual vehicles. The instrument panel is also characterized by the officially unique commitment of the official, as well as the format changes for each vehicle, and it operates faithfully according to the actual vehicle.

The development of this work is a music museum that develops and produces commercial simulators. In recent years, the company has provided a train simulator produced by the company for hotel accommodation plans. Although the relationship with this work is unknown, in April 2022, four hotels in eastern Japan will sell a plan that allows you to experience the JR East Train Simulator that can run the Keihin Tohoku Line and Hachiko Line. I was.

In this work JR East Train Simulator, as described above, at the start of early access distribution, Yachiko Line (Kiha 110 Series), Takasaki-Kuragano and Keihin Tohoku Line (E233 series 1000 series) South trip., Omiya-Urawa is included. The update will change the route that can be driven. DLCs on each line are scheduled to be sold, and it seems that long-distance sections can be driven by purchasing. At the time of the official release, it will be supported by external controllers.


JR East Train Simulator will be distributed early on September 20 at Steam. It is said that the selling price will rise as the official release will increase.