Wemade Connect Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Ho-dae) announced on the 6th that it will showcase collaboration contents with the popular animation ‘Bonobono’ in the mobile game ‘Every Town’.

Through the ‘Bonobono’ collaboration, which will be held until October 4, Wemade Connect will showcase new buildings using the worldview and design of the animation. New specialty stores and theme parks, such as mousse case shops, two sweet houses, and two picnics, are expected to convey the fun of special personality and management to ‘Every Town’, which is a farm. In addition, if you collect all the ‘Bonobono’ collaboration buildings, the ‘Sweet Food Truck’ event, which is compensated for ‘Sweet Card’ containing rare titles, 20 seeds, and ‘Si Food Truck’ event, which is compensated for the ingredients obtained as fishing, is also a welcome content for users. In particular, the fact that these contents are organized and broadcasted on the animation channel Tuniverse’s specialty channels such as talent TV, Bravo Kids, and OTT Teabing are expected to add to the fun of this event.

An official of Wemade Connect, who conducted the collaboration, said, It is expected that it will be an event to convey the pleasure to many people as the original IP is perfectly implemented in the game, such as ‘Bonobono’ illustration, which has been serialized for more than 35 years and has been popular as an animation. Do it.


‘Every Town’ is a popular mobile SNG of Wemade Connect, which was released in 2013 and surpassed 6 million downloads in Korea. This game, which contains social elements such as collaboration and transactions with friends in simulation elements such as farm decorating and management, is becoming a long-lived mobile game with rare contents in casual games.