If you have not chosen Castle as the initial Tested, then this is a guide for you, because we will talk about locations, about how to catch Castle and how to develop it in Tested. This locum is strong against electrical, mental and toxic.

where to find a crystal in Te meme

Castle is a crystalline type TEM, which you can find in Milan’s mines in the Turkey region. As explained earlier, Castle is a crystalline type theme, and its basic characteristics are as follows.

  • Hp: 60
  • Attack: 61
  • Protection: 69
  • Speed: 33
  • Endurance: 41
  • SP attack: 46
  • Protection SP: 42

crystal techniques

Technique The required level Type of technology Damage
Glass blade 1 Crystal type 32
Mirror shell 3 Crystal type
Bite 5 Neutral type 37
Crystal dust 9 Crystal + Wind type 60
Barans head 14 Neutral type 100
crystallize 17 Crystal type
Crystal spikes 27 Crystal type 100
Riot 35 Neutral type 65

Castle can study the next technique through the course of technology!

The name of the technique TS Type of technology Damage
Stone wall 2 Type of Earth

The techniques with which the Christ can learn by breeding, are as follows:

The name of the technique Type of technology Damage
Antitoxins Toxic type
Quartz shield Crystal type
Rotten mucus Toxin + electric type 82

Evolution of Crystals


Castle is the first stage of the three-stage chain of evolution. Upon reaching the level 30, the crystal passes evolution and becomes Harald. Its characteristics improve as follows

  • Hp: 68
  • Endurance: 45
  • Speed: 43
  • Attack: 69
  • Protection: 78
  • SP attack: 51
  • Protection SP: 48

After Herald, when Teem reaches 51 levels, he will pass another evolution and become cake. Its characteristics improve as follows

  • Hp: 74
  • Endurance: 52
  • Speed: 52
  • Attack: 45
  • Protection: 76
  • SP attack: 89
  • Protection SP: 60


Bristle has 2 features:

amphibians:, when exposed to water technology, increases the attack and speed.

rested: The first 2 moves increases the attack and SP attack by 30% once per battle.

Protection type crystal

Protection of any Tempted is determined by the level of damage that they receive from each type of technique. Castle type protection is as follows

  • Neutral: 1x
  • Wind: 1x
  • Earth: 2x
  • Water: 1x
  • Fire: 2x
  • Nature: 1x
  • Electric: 0.5X
  • Mental: 0.5X
  • Digital: 1x
  • Middle battle: 2x
  • Crystal: 1x
  • Toxin: 0.5x