_ Elden Ring It is a huge game, with hundreds of secrets to discover. However, he is also very vague in the way he distributes, not only his necessary information to advance, but also in his history. In this way, a new study has cataloged the work of From software as the most confusing game of the year.

According to a study by Switch, an analyst firm, elder rings has been listed as the most confusing game of the whole year. This investigation was carried out when taking into consideration Total consultations related to the game that has received the Google search engine during 2022.

Thus, it has been concluded that Elden Ring_ accumulate 171,840 searches on Google related to doubts, guides, tips and solutions . Considering that this is one of the most successful games of the year, it is not a great surprise that the number of information related to this title is so high.

This is not all, since Switch has also shared a list with the five most confusing games of 20222. These are:

Elden Ring-171,840 searches

DEMETER DREAD-53,880 Searches

Resident Evil: Village-44,760 searches

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla-33,960 Searches

Far Cry 6-31,920 searches


From the list, The first three positions are made up of games that leave the free player to explore and discover the world at their own pace. On the other hand, the other two titles are Ubisoft Open World Games, by that consultations are surely related to the additional content, and not so much by the main adventure.

In related issues, new sales figures of Elden Ring are presented. Similarly, new art books have been revealed.

Editor’s note:

There is no bad thing to search for the game online. Titles like Elden Ring have secrets that surely thousands of people have lost, and having this extra help makes you can experience everything the developers created.