Why do I have problems connecting to Reddit? You may be asking that question if you have problems logging into and reviewing your favorite subnets to update you with the latest publications. Here is everything you need to know for Verify the state of the server to determine if Reddit is fallen .

Is Reddit inactive right now?


Users have been reporting problems connecting to Reddit from 2 p. m. This today. While the connections have improved a little, the site has been entering and leaving this afternoon. In the peak of its interruption, more than 10,000 users reported problems with the Reddit site that did not work both on the website and in the application.

Whether they want to see what people have to say about the last episode of House of the Dragon or any comment on the next Nintendo Direct that has just been announced this morning, they are probably anxious to connect to the site. You can use Down detector to verify if Reddit is fallen or if the problem is on your part.

It is possible that an irregular connection experiences while jumping through its favorite subnets, but hopefully, the problems will be solved soon and can navigate the web normally. For now, that is all you need to know about How to verify the state of the server and see if Reddit is fallen .

While waiting for Reddit to be in operation again, he can consult all our coverage on the latest episodes of House of the Dragon to get answers to all his deepest questions about the history of the program.

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