Square Enix held a time to introduce the latest information on ‘Die’s Adventure Game Project’ based on Dragon Quest Die’s adventure to commemorate the Tokyo Game Show 2022 today (18th). On this day, the arcade game ‘Die’s Adventure Cross Blade’ released on October 22, 2020, and the latest update news of ‘Die’s Great Adventure Soul’ released on September 28, 2021, etc. The latest information, including in-gameplay of the console action game ‘Die’s Adventure Infinity Stretch’ to decorate the United States, was introduced.

The broadcast included Die’s Adventure Game Project General Producer Chimera Rotary, producer of Okayama Set, a Cross Blade, producer of the Jewish Tanya of the Horn, and Saith Bay, the GROUP Editor’s series, including the original comics, and introduced to the update content and the like.

■ Die’s Adventure Cross Blade

The broadcast began with the latest update of ‘Cross Blade’. ‘Cross Blade’ is an arcade game using a real card. Max three cards should be placed on an arcade device and moved to kill the enemy. Depending on the character, there is a difference in the range of attacks, so strategic play is required, such as how to deploy and where to move. In attack and defense, you need to press the three red, blue, and green three buttons on the right side of the arcade device.

On this day, the news that Begun, Coma and Miles King Amino were newly released as a new Dark Garage (DGR) card, as well as the news of the update of the new links, and the time to demonstrate it in the field.


■ Die’s big adventure soul’s bond

The mobile game ‘Judge of the soul’ was introduced by the producer of Shim Tanya of Dena. ‘Jews of the soul’ held a place to introduce various commemorative events commemorating the first anniversary of the service.

We introduced the first anniversary equipment and new burst functions, but when the burst state becomes a character change, it becomes impossible for a while, but instead, the character’s physics & magic attack power and defense will increase, but also have a strong state of recovery. Do. In this regard, Shim Tanya producer added, It is not only very powerful, but it can be used differently than the existing mistake, which will change the strategy.

■ Die’s Adventure Infinite Trash

The end of the broadcast was ‘Infinite Serous’, which will decorate Die’s Adventure Game Project. The new information of Infinite Serous SHU, which was originally scheduled to be released in 2021, was released due to optimization and quality.

‘Infinite Stretch’ has two game modes. One is the story mode that follows the story of the original comics, and the other is the temple of memory, the original mode. The story mode is not much different from that of other comics. As cu thin and directing are implemented in 3D, you can enjoy the original story again through the game. On this day, three people, Die, Pop, and Ma’am, were able to experience the part of the home.

The temple of memory is the original battle mode of Infinite Stress. The more powerful enemies appear as the enemies are random dungeons, the more powerful enemies appear. When you clear it, you get an item called Jewish memory. The rarity of the Jewish, which has a high grade, boasts a more brilliant direction, and it is not just about watching the direction, but it is also possible to strengthen it by equipped with characters because it has different stats for each of Judea.

In the case of Die, the avant-garde slash, which is the trademark of the original, can be used to use various avant-garde slaughter methods and simple magic, and it was a glimpse of the broadcast on the day. I was able to confirm that I used a powerful magic, including attacks.

Meanwhile, Ma’am said on the day that he could use the Satan gun with a simple magic and a kind of special moves, as well as the original magic. Lastly, the enemy, the enemy, joined as a colleague. In this regard, Chimera Rotary producer said, As with the original, Ma’am and Model will change classes, which will be reflected in the game.

The game is a linear stage that follows the original comics. Prior to the battle, you can set up costumes, special moves, skills, and bonds in the character selection window. The battle changes the characters and proceeds in real time. As mentioned earlier, each character has a different feature, so you have to use it to attack the enemies and bosses.

If the boss is aiming for Die, he replaces it with a pop, safely and attacks from a distance, and restores his health with Ma’am. As the boss’s attack is more than 30%, strategic play and control will be required. In the opinion of the panel that the boss difficulty seemed to be too high during the broadcast on the day, the general producer of Rotary Chimera said, You have to use guards and avoiding well. I admitted that the difficulty was quite high.

‘Infinite Stretch’ is scheduled to be released worldwide with PCs, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo switches. However, the detailed release date and Korean language were not disclosed on this day.