The current video games present the most varied forms of entertainment. In each game the player must face the most varied situations, conflicts that he can solve by diplomatic route or using action and violence.

Although, sometimes, you can play Blackjack, the roulette, the poker, carry out puzzles or riddles, that is, some video games allow fun without more and without leaving within the line of history itself.

These are some of the most popular video games that allow you to spend a fun time with virtual casinos games.

1. Watch Dogs

Within the typology of open world, action and adventure video games, Aidan Pearce is presented, a hard guy who does not hesitate to commit all kinds of acts outside the law. Although he is not only able to hack computers, he also plays the tribe, chess, slots or poker. In this way, while fulfilling the usual crimes of him, he can also spend some time earning some money in the casino games.

2. Red Dead Redemption

We travel to the past, specifically to the wild west to enter one of the most popular video games that this genre has given. In this multipremized game, the protagonist’s family must be saved, although on the way you can play the poker Texas Hold´em and have the opportunity to earn money to supply useful objects.

3. Fallout: New Vegas

In a post-political world surviving is the only thing that counts. The environment where the adventure develops is in Las Vegas, therefore, it can be assumed that the opportunity will be offered to play a game in its casinos, even in a completely demolished world.

4. Grand Theft Auto; San Andreas

Possibly the most popular of those cited in this article, not in vain received the Spike Video Game in 2004 for being the best action video game and the best game of the year. It was not the only award he won, Teen Choice Award, and Golden Joystick Award for Ultimate Game of the Year also, in addition to many others.

Carl Johnson returns to his neighborhood to be accused of homicide by the corrupt police, since then his life and his family will be in danger, which will push him to travel the city to take control of the streets. In this coming and going the opportunity will appear to enter a casino room and interact with the betting games that are presented there.

5. Prominence Poker

Another city fills up to heartless and criminals, although in this case everything focuses on poker games, which is where these individuals have a good time. The player will have to face them if he wants to make his way in the world of bets and advance in the game.

Prominence Poker differs from the other games in its category in which it offers the multiplayer option, this allows to face other real players in tournaments and qualify for the following, offering a plus of intensity in the games.