We will rethink the word user and customer. In the end, the word of the Leeum and the user feel like a partner relationship with the game company, and the customer feels like a mediated relationship. In the past, the word was the user when the flat-rate and package models were mainly achieved. The user turned into a customer at some point. At that point, it appears to be the appearance of Pay to Win. Pay win is a business model without a charging upper limit. I enjoyed it for 20,000 won a month. However, Pay win’s by-products are gradually appearing.

The game industry is going to the road that has not been seen. As a customer of 201, a lawsuit was filed with a game company. A new side appeared over the game that went to court. It is difficult to find a case of game services and lacks the law to protect user. The law firm LKB & Partners is preparing for the law, as if to prepare a boss raid that is unknown. According to Lee Pantheon, the contents dispute in 2019 received 17,202 cases in 2020 from 6,638 cases in 2019. In the 2020 survey, the game sector was 15,942, 92.7%. Although it is rapidly increasing and significant, the interests of game users have not received attention.

The reason for the reason is to protect the people from overwhelming. Therefore, regulations on game services are usually focused on prevention of immersion. As a consumer, a provision for users is hard to find. In the law, penalties are prepared as a device to prevent sea stories in the past. At the time of enactment, major business models were mainly based on a flat rate, so the probability-type items were not considered. In addition, there is a regulation of prohibition of prizes in the Game Industry Act. This regulation does not affect the game company when selling probability-type items. Even if you pull out the item, it is not owned by the user, so it is not limited to charge. The game industry law missed domestic game companies’ business models.

Currently, the main business model of the domestic game industry is a probability item. The parliamentary commissioner feared that the probability-type item would be vague, encouraging excessive consumption and promoting meandering. There is a clear problem, but there are no safety devices for users. The game company only discloses the probability.


The change in the business model of the game company has made users a customer. If you think about the game company’s user response as you changed from a flat rate to Pay Two win, you will see a question mark. It is hard to find a difference in the game company treatment when spending 20,000 won a month and 30,000 won at a time. As a user, I became a customer of Pay win, but the treated treatment is no different from the past, which can accumulate complaints. In addition to the expectation, other operations, and the controversy over promotion, pus broke out. In the end, the phenomenon of trucks, wagon demonstrations, and litigation is appearing as a by-product of Pay win.

You may be concerned about user behaviorism. It is similar to criticism of shareholder behaviorism. It is interpreted that some users are trying to affect game companies. But just as shareholders ask the board of directors, users can also demand game companies. You can meet the business in the game and match the game. If the game company prioritizes the business over the game, the user will also match it. Normally, game companies complain that the development of the game industry is blocked by old regulations. This claim can also be applied to the user position. The past and the game business model have changed, and the old customer response method of the past is now applied.

The defendant’s game company will try to win. However, it is hard to imagine that the game company wins the user and shows a favorite appearance. The problem is after. The government and the National Assembly are paying attention to the current situation of the game industry. The next order is a change in the game industry, or from government agencies. It is difficult for game companies with different metabolism to turn their business models in the past. Customer response to the current state is needed. It is time for the game company to make a midnight action other than disclosure. After all, change is needed. If there is no change, it will be the process of compulsoryization of the Game User Commission.