On a conditionally energetic transfer market, BVB wish for really rewarding transfer transactions in regard to result growth.

Borussia Dortmund is expecting a tiny win for the very first time since Corona pandemic. In the future, BVB will look for a basic adjustment of gamer salaries.

According to the projection in the yearly report released on Wednesday for 2021/2022, this is one to 6 million euros, claims BVB, which is intending without considerable restrictions for the existing season.

Most lately, midfield gem Jude Bellingham was related to a modification in the coming summer, which could rinse a three-digit million sum right into the coffers to BVB.

Borussia Dortmund GAA is expecting a win after 3 years straight with red numbers for the 2022/2023 fiscal year.

BVB reveals growing sales as well as cautions

New constraints in the context of pandemic or one more acceleration of the Ukraine War might have a negative influence on virtually all areas of sales at any kind of time, the report claimed.

According to the forecast, sales will additionally grow again in nearly all profits areas, BVB claimed, from practically 420 to around 435 million euros.

salary transformation as well as worst-case circumstance at BVB

Brief to medium-term ought to consequently be significantly achieved parabolization of personnel prices in the license area when it comes to showing off removing, according to the BVB, which for that reason wishes to lower the basic salaries of the professionals as well as for this purpose progressively count on success-dependent costs.

Under the factor Strategic Dangers, BVB likewise mentioned the dependence of monetary preparation on ing success, in particular the qualification for as well as the performance in global competitions, among 4 critical risks for the club.

In this context, a worst-case circumstance was mounted, which offer less for the forecast of the future than to be a summary of various scenarios and their effects and also ought to support the management even better in the calculated preparation, shared them Russia with.