To score a goal in FIFA 23 can be one of the most pleasant events, but the celebration that follows this can also be very funny. FIFA 23 presents many new celebrations, including branded players’ celebrations and several popular dances. To conduct these celebrations, you must press the right buttons after a goal scored. Here are some of the best celebrations of FIFA 23 and ways to conduct them.

billionaire Strut

To perform Billionaire Strut, hold L1, then hold the right stick down (game console), hold LB, then hold the right stick down (Xbox).

Billionaire Strut became famous thanks to the fighter MMA Conor McGregor and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Now your team may take a walk by arranging a celebration, which after a while will definitely touch your enemy.

Slide Salute

To perform a slide site, hold R1, then hold the right stick to the right (game console), hold RB, then hold the right joystick to the right (Xbox).

Slide-salut was glorified by Kilian Mbappé, and now any player can perform it. This corporate holiday is great for players in career mode or for speaking with your favorite player in any game.


To celebrate the gamer, hold R1, then brush the right stick to the right, then brush it left (game console), holding RB, then draw to the right joystick to the right, then draw to the left (Xbox).

The celebration of the gamer makes the player quickly sit down and pretend that he uses a game controller, which is very fun in the FIFA game. The celebration was organized by the player of Liverpool Diego Hot, and it is fun to watch him in FIFA.

Center of a hurricane

To celebrate the eye of the storm, Holding the R1, turn the right stick counterclockwise. (game console) holding RB, rotate the right stick counterclockwise. (Xbox).

Eye of the storm is a new holiday in FIFA 23, which is quite unique. This can be a great signature holiday for a career player, since it is new, and it is not often possible to see it.


To perform Giddy (called Eyes and Arms in FIFA 23), holding R2, twice brush the right stick up. (game console), holding RT, twice move the right stick up. (Xbox).

Grid is a popular dance glorified by NFL player Justin in honor of the celebration of landing. Giddy can be done after you score a goal in FIFA 23, and all your teammates will follow you, doing this.

In FIFA 23 there are many holidays that players can consider their loved ones or the best. Try to experiment with different celebrations to find those that you really like. Classic celebrations, such as The Challenge, Frog Hops or The Worm, are still good, but there is something to celebrate with new branded movements.

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