Kirk is a support character in Overwatch 2, who uses the healing of obstetric and lunar to manage the combat course. She is both a sword and a shield, smoothly switching between treatment and damage as necessary. Although Kirk has abilities similar to Baptist and Kenyatta, she has a unique and refreshing style of the game. Here’s how to play for Kirk in Overwatch 2.

Hero Hide Kirk for Overwatch 2

What is the role of Kirk in the team?

Kirk is a support character that gives her the opportunity to automatically be healed over time. Her role in the team is to respond to the needs of their allies, quickly moving between teammates to change positions. Her high mobility does not allow her to get stuck in unpleasant situations. If an allay is nearby, she can quickly escape, sharply increasing her survival. Kirk also knows how to save his teammates in the last second, using his defense of Sub. In general, Kirk is a hero who brings great benefits to his team and often changes his position.

Kirk’s abilities listed

Here are the abilities of Kirk, as well as their purpose in battle.

Healing of OFFED *
* Launches shells that are looking for allies and treat them. These shells cannot pass through obstacles, so when shooting you must remain direct visibility. Talismans can be launched five times before they need to be recharged.
lunar *
* Throws a shell causing increased critical damage. This kuna can be shot 12 times before they have to be recharged. The best time for shooting lunar is when the lull came in the battle, and your allies have already been treated. They apply an amazing amount of damage, and they should not be underestimated.

Fast step *
* Teleports you directly to the ally after a small delay. Fast step does not require direct visibility and is best used as the ability to change the situation. This ability also has a relatively short recovery time, which allows you to move between teammates during the battle.
Protection Isuzu
* Throws spells that briefly make the allies invulnerable and purify them of most of the negative effects. This ability has a small area of action and is similar to the field of immortality of the Baptist. This lasts only a moment, so it should be used reflexively when the allies are close to death. Isuzu protection has a long time to recover, so use it only when it is really necessary.
* Although the Protection Isuzu is usually used to prevent the death of the allies, it can also be used to relieve status effects. By protecting Isuzu, you can remove the anti-emergency effect of ANA grenade, remove the stunning of Reinhardt’s ultimatum and other similar status effects. This ability can save life in team battles, so be sure to read its capabilities.
Rise on the wall (passive effect)
* When you jump on the walls, you can climb them. This ability is generous and raises you over the highest walls in the game.
Role: Support (passive)

* Automatically heals you over time. This increases your survival and allows you to focus on treating your teammates. This passive is universal for all characters of the support class.
* Hatsune Rush (ultimate)
* Calls the spirit of the fox in the direction in which you look, creating a straight road that increases the speed of movement, the speed of attack and regeneration of reloading for all allies in its path. This ability is excellent in tandem with bastion and other rapid heroes. Hatsune Rush is most effective when it is used as a catalyst for a strong push, since it prepares allies for potential team combat.

Kirk Tips and Recommendations

Having played Kirk for some time, you will learn several gameplay receptions. Here are some tips for novice players in Kirk.

  • Although Kirk heals, her healing shells take some time to achieve their goal. Try to predict when your allies need help, and start the shells in advance so that they reach the goal exactly when you need it.
  • Be unpredictable. One of the advantages of high mobility is that you can constantly move around the battlefield, because of which it will be difficult for enemies to track you down. When you feel that you stayed in one place, teleport to a teammate and try a different corner. This will make you catch the capacity.
  • Do not neglect your own security. Since the protection of Kirk Isuzu has a small area of action, try to stand next to the allies when you use this ability. This will protect you and your teammate, so you can continue to treat them without problems.
  • Test a combo of heroes with your ultimate. The ultimate Kirk increases the speed of the attack of all allies within the radius of action, giving some heroes inhumanly high rate of fire. Try to combine this Ult with Kenyatta, Suborn and the Junker Queen. You will be surprised how powerful this ultimate in team battle can be at the last minute.

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