For a few weeks ago, Nvidia presented to the world its new line of computer graphics cards 40 , being the real step towards the new generation of graphics for those who play on PC. And among all the options there are, a model of the 4080 will arrive but now of 12 GB .

This will be an option for those who seek to have to spend less but have a power that exceeds 3080 , so they are taking away 4 GB and thus modifying the price. Even so, some users consider that they should change the name A 40 with some other number, since having two with the same surname would be confusing.

It is worth mentioning, which recently launched the 4090 model, being a success in the online store and also for those who decided to go to the retailers that sell components for computer. This reached such an extent that they made endless rows that turned to the block, even put a security belt so that nothing happened to them.

The models 4080 in 12 GB and 16 GB are launched on November 16 and ** n line and shops. There are already open presales.

Via: Nvidia

Editor’s note : This type of cards abysmally increases their power with each launch, so surely the homemade video game consoles were already left behind for these moments.