Players from New Globe have never ever obtained numerous brand-new web content simultaneously: Today, on October 18, 2022, the update sulfur sand desert goes real-time. The eponymous area is the very first brand-new area in the Amazon MMORPG considering that the release on September 28, 2021. However, not simply a brand-new area with various other opponents, risks, quests as well as allies are awaiting you! Listed below you will certainly find the spot notes. Basically, the brand-new patch brings in the complying with highlights:

brand-new dungeon: The expedition
brand-new tool kind: The excellent major sword
The heart gems: With these things your playing style can be additional specialized| modified game entrance: new missions, much better flow as well as immersion| The Halloween celebrations : The night trace lasts up until November 1, 2022

From when is the update sulfur sand desert in New Globe (now acquire EUR 39.99) online? The designers will start on October 18, 2022, from 12 p.m. Four hours can be anticipated- From 4 p.m. at the most up to date you should be able to get into the brand-new zone in the northwest of the card .

Patch Notes for New World: The sulfur sand desert

The sulfur sand desert is a new location that is extremely different from every little thing else in Sternum. This location, which has to do with two and also a half time the dimension, has brand-new challengers, a new area to master and brand-new tales that require to be found.

Their human being has come to an end a long time ago and just a few of these original citizens are still left, consisting of the mysterious magician Imhotep, with which the players have to function together to reveal the keys of the desert. New World: Time and Spot Notes for the most significant upgrade because the launch!

The instant danger in the sulfur sand desert is the outrageous staying of the 19th Legion of the Roman Empire. It is necessary to learn what specifically happened to the Romans, but they have been dropped into disregard as well as now besiege the old ruins of a strange pyramid is known. You make sure that you will certainly find the key of your redemption and also the long-awaited resurgence of the Roman Realm.

The Ensenada Exploration

New Globe: Time and Spot Notes for the largest upgrade since the launch! (2) Resource: Games

Go into the ruins of the ancestors, where you have to encounter the careful Anubis. Players discover ancient tricks with Imhotep, fight versus mighty sand-demons and perhaps if they are persistent-the rightful leaders are back in order to ultimately bring order and also intend to the area after centuries of mayhem.

boosted game entrance

We have completely redesigned the first degrees of New World, to ensure that gamers who begin the video game or produce a new character will experience brand-new tales and also jobs. We became part of the player feedback on the game entry in New Globe and made the following adjustments:

  • The task circulation via the areas was optimized with NSC’s, which walk around the world with a story, leads the players through every region of the game as well as opens side material to accelerate the training course of the game.

Optimized story

Enhanced tasks

brand-new dynamics

  • We have included a selection of brand-new characteristics of task, from wave occasions to oppression and also relocating challenges, problems in the damages, unique interactions with the globe as well as vibrant events to which players will satisfy.

  • We have changed the entrance to concentrate on the main history by introducing King Arthur in Königsberg as well as a curse and also a scarcity by the within Medea in the wind circle. The gamers still satisfy with the hermit of Jonas to begin the method to the soul guard, but the jobs of Jonas were all summed up. The hermit itself is now much more mobile as well as the history and the circulation of tasks have been substantially improved.


Upgrades in locations

  • We additionally gave the areas and negotiations in Königsberg and also ever before extra character, with brand-new enemies, brand-new vital areas and new challenges in the tasks and open globe.

On the following page you will certainly find out what the developers have come up with for the first Halloween parties in New World, yet additionally the new arms genre Greater sword as well as the so-called heart world skills, which need to help to individualize your having fun style even further.

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Gamers from New Globe have never ever obtained so lots of new content at when: Today, on October 18, 2022, the update sulfur sand desert goes real-time. The eponymous area is the initial new area in the MMORPG because the launch on September 28, 2021. Not simply a brand-new area with various other opponents, allies, dangers and also pursuits are waiting for you! Basically, the new patch draws in the adhering to highlights:

New World: Time as well as Patch Notes for the greatest upgrade since the launch!