This year something quite interesting was announced by PlayStation, a new control that is called Dual sense Edge , which promises to be a revolution for those who seek a lot of precision. Thus, some users wondered if it will be at Xbox Elite Series 2 , since they have almost similar characteristics.


In a general panorama, the Dual sense Edge includes adjustable trigger blocks on the back of the device, similar to the elite line . It means, that the travel distance of the triggers can be adjusted, which is useful for competitive shooters or when you want to minimize the dead zone in racing games. It also offers three trigger pulse positions that can be adjusted with a small switch next to each side.

For its part, it carries with it the internal battery of Dual sense and the USB-C support. Theoretically it would have a better battery life than the dual sense normal. In addition, the Pro model is a charger in the case. To that is added that Xbox continues to use conventional batteries.

A noticeable difference is that Xbox Elite Series 2 does not include a USB-C cable such as Dual sense Edge , but includes a wireless load base. You simply have to connect a USB-C cable on the back so that it is loaded in the case.

Both have customization options, but Dual sense Edge has the ability to replace memory modules, something that the controller Xbox elite does not offer.

The two controls come with removable levers. Xbox Elite Series 2 offers a set of six adjustable voltage joysticks: two standard, two classics, one high and one wide. The dual sense Edge will offer three types of tapas: standard, high dome and low dome.

As for the reallocation of buttons, Xbox Elite Series 2 offers three different ways of assigning, including one that requires going to the application accessories in Xbox . The Dual sense Edge , presents a user interface in the control, with a dedicated FN button that will allow adjusting the control configuration and other things such as the volume of the game.

Both have their pros and cons, but the final comparison should arrive this January 26 , what is when Sony launches their control.

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Editor’s note: It is a good idea to do this comparative task, not so much to know who is better, but to know what features they meet what the user is looking for. So that in the end he opts for one of the two options.