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[nbabuymt Moon Byung-soo reporter] The new mobile game ‘Rise of Stars Reverse’ has been released. Developed by Remade Max’s subsidiary, Lighten, the game is a version that removed the P2E element in the ‘Rise of Stars’, which was launched as a blockchain game earlier this year. Gamers who have not played Rise of Stars have been able to experience this reverse.


Reverse is a Strategy simulation game (SLG) that borrows SF elements. The purpose is to create its own base in the background of the vast universe and create a space fleet to occupy the planet and expand the forces. The game with the universe can be somewhat flat, and Reverse overcame it with its character. The user can collect captains with various charms and personality and appoint him as the head of his fleet.

The captains have different streets, such as increasing the stats of attack ships or increasing the battleship stats during the defense of the base, so that they need to be placed for the right place. Similarly, the flagship led by the captain requires the appropriate choice as well as the main skills as well as the appearance. In the early days, the hand is cleared even if the hand is cleared, but in the middle of the second half, this small difference will have a decisive impact on the win or loss.

The resources in the game include metal, minerals, and ‘credit’, which is a ‘credit’, which can be supplied through the in-game resource harvesting facility. As with any strategic game, Reverse also requires efficient management as these resources are essential for smooth growth and fleet construction. At a certain level, the beginner shields disappear, and they should be determined as they are at risk of looting. On the contrary, I may plunder my opponent’s resources.

In the case of combat, it is developed in real time as the recent trend of mobile strategy games. If you set the target, the fleet moves from the allied base and attacks the enemy and returns. When the pirates near the beginning of the game were close, the distance was close, so it was possible to clean it up quickly, but it was a bit frustrating when leaving the original to remove the enemy from the distance. However, this combat characteristic is also a fun factor that adds real ‘strategic’ in mid-second half battle. This is because you may be empty in the distant enemies.

Strategic games like Reverse are genre that reveals true value by fostering them to the middle and second half. If you overcome the awkwardness and difficulty of the early parts, you can have fun in the RPG genre. However, if you are a thumb who doesn’t enjoy the genre of strategic genres, it is not easy to cross the early hurdles.