Raw materials are one of the main elements of Victoria 3. You can collect these raw materials resources either through the market or by personal mining.

There are several main methods of searching for resources and the creation of resources, and resources are divided equally and distributed by continents.

how to open a resource card

  • Go to the Markets tab
  • Select the raw materials you want to find
  • Select a highlighted production icon
  • Reduce the scale to view the map

All resource locations of Victoria 3

location of coal

There, coal can be found almost everywhere. The most common in Europe, but in large quantities is found in Asia or, for example, in South Africa, where competition for the colony is inevitable.

arrangement of iron

Iron is the second most important raw materials. In Europe, it is most of all, and, it seems, in all countries this is enough. It is also a lot in America and Asia, but you will probably have to compete for it with other countries.

location of the sulfur

Sulfur is another unprocessed resource that is a little in the game; If you have enough, you probably will have to trade with it. You can find specific cards below.

The location of the tree

Wood can be found wherever trees grow, so you can find it everywhere, except, possibly, deserts and hostile situations.

location of grain

The East India Company and Qing are the main sources of grain. Grain yield in Europe is much lower than in these countries. The need for grain is clearly more in countries with a large population than in Europe, where the population is less.

The location of the fish

Fish is an additional raw material. They are available in countries that have neighboring seas. In other locations, more in some are less. This is a convenient way to get food.