Humanity wanted to coexist with mankind, but did not intend to share their world. Lamar, the head of the sector who was in crisis and the head of the sector who wanted to defend the OMN realistically, announced the joining Overwatch 2.

Blizzard unveiled a new hero Mantra on the 5th of Korea’s time. Lamar is the head of the null sector that has emerged as a Core story of the story of the world, which symbolizes the conflict between humans and comic within the Overwatch worldview.

The story video released this time explains why Lamar is hostile to mankind and wants to protect comic. Created to lead the comic to war, Lamar hoped only a better life of Mink, rather than his birth. As a result, he explored how to harmonize peace and harmony, repeated ontological questions, and dreamed of coexisting with mankind.

Lamar explains that the comic was sacrificed for human dreams. In particular, he said why it was impossible to connect, and told the cause of finding their own positions to protect OMN’s finite life, which exists only one generation.

Unlike Talon, another hostility organization that envisions intentional discord, the setting of the sector fighting to protect themselves has been embodied through this video. In particular, the acting that showed the intense appearance through the Heinrich Range of foreign currency and animation is anger and the acting that shows the cool comic at the same time leaves a deep impression.


Meanwhile, the video was not disclosed on the actual performance of Lamar’s actual game. However, the development team announced the deeper story through the changed way, harmony, and means and methods with Kenyatta, who dreamed of the same ideal. He also said that Lamar would have two forms: the ability to protect allies and massive attacks.

Lamar will join the assault hero in Overwatch 2 Season 2, which will begin on December 7, and details of the hero will be released before the start of Season 2.