Steam has many new titles every day. Many people want to check new works with high attention, but they can’t follow the release flow?

Therefore, the GAMESpark editorial department is within 3 days after early access and official release and The number of reviews has exceeded 100 (regardless of popularity or unpopular) . Introducing all the target works that have been harvested regardless of! Check out what titles are attracting attention in Steam now.


This work is a life simulation rpg that adventures through dungeons around the world while handling farm work and craft in a village located in the frontier of the fantasy world. One season changes in 30 days, and at the same time, the abnormal phenomenon death season that kills life comes. Players make money by raising agriculture, livestock breeding, cooking, crafts, etc., and searching for dungeons to battle.

Herranwalt: Lawyers Legacy (early access graduation)

In this work, a high-speed action platformer drawn in pixel art, the player will be a lawyer trying to save students from a crazy principal and fight against evil teachers who afflict students. The game has a story mode in a single play, and it seems that you can enjoy the arena battle that keeps fighting endless.


This work is a free trial version of the coffee shop operation simulator ESPRESSO TYCOON, which offers delicious coffee and dishes as the owner of the underwater café in Sydney. We aim to develop the store. We use a 3D coffee editor to serve a variety of toppings to create your own latte art, to support employee employment, management, purchase, and advertise.

镇 Evil

In this work, which is an action game that looks down on Taoism as a motif, the player becomes one way to find a mysterious village to find out the mystery of his origin, and gets caught up in a huge conspiracy. In the battle, he uses ghosts to fight against evil spirits. Rebel the grave and get a Talisman, catch ghosts and spirits and raise them.


This work is a riding adventure that unfolds in the natural and attractive open world. Take care of the horse and prosper the ranch by training and breeding. Horses have different abilities, personality, tastes, etc., and will increase their abilities in the training that suits the horse. If you produce an excellent horse, you can prepare various buildings and decorations on the ranch, and you can customize your own ranch.

From Space

This is an action shooting game that fights solo or up to four co-op play to protect the earth attacked by a pink alien. In addition to a variety of weapons such as rocket launchers, minivans, and flaming radiate, they also use grenade, land mines, Barber rays, etc. to assemble their own strategies. Multiple playable characters are composed of different skills and weapons, so it is necessary to choose a compatibility with team members. In addition, if you level up while playing, you can get a park that expands the range of battle. The park can be exchanged within the team, so let’s use it well and aim for a configuration based on the characteristics of play style and character.

Honey, I JOINED A Cult (early access graduation)


This work, which has been conducting early access since 2021, is a simulation game that establishes and operates a cult in the 1970s. You must do a variety of tasks, such as the arrangement and decoration of the room, the customization of the guru and the shrine, the recruitment and care of believers, the deal with journalists and government agencies, and collecting funds. Updates to version 1.0 include interactive police attacks and protests, difficulty selection systems, help manuals, carpet systems, Steam cards and achievements, as well as new in-game content, customization system, balance. It is said that adjustments and improvement of QOL are being made.


This work is a 2D action adventure that aims to solve the secrets that were buried long ago while exploring the desolate satellite Dorian and fighting strange creatures. Inspired by past metroidvania works, 2D worlds that have a large amount of secret rooms are hidden, and explore and obtain weapons and skills to strengthen themselves to explore new areas. It is characterized by game play heading for.

king shunt

This work is a MOB from a TPS viewpoint set in the Dark Fantasy world. Each player forms a five-person team, selects a hero, and challenges the online multi battle with the enemy team. The hero can be selected from 12 people with the theme of dark fantasy. You can experience a variety of play styles, such as a close tank, a buffed supporter, and a skill-based range caster. Early access is aimed at 6 to 12 months, and we plan to add a wealth of heroes, new game modes, cosmeticians, etc. at the time of official release.