The multimillionaire purche of Blizzard Activision by Microsoft The history of the video game industry. Thus, while the agencies of Brazil or Saudi Arabia have already spoken favorably, United Kingdom h already entered a deeper investigation phe. Now it is the turn of the European Union and its European Competition Commission , agency that h been seriously put to offer a verdict: and there is already date for the final decision .

The European Union studies the impact on competition

Thus, the European Union agency itself h already shown its concern around a transaction capable of significantly reducing competition in video game distribution markets for consoles and PCs, including subscription services. All this in clear reference to Microsoft can

In addition, it h been clarified that if Microsoft made this decision, it could affect the price of upward video games , cause a decree in their quality and negatively affect innovation, with the final consumer the main affected. On PC games, from the European Union it is pointed out that Microsoft can reduce the capacity of rival operating systems suppliers to compete with the Windows operating system of Microsoft, by combining the Blizzard Activision and The distribution of Microsoft games through the transmission of cloud games to Windows, which could lead to users only buying equipment with Windows an operating system.

However, from the European Commission 90 business days have been given to offer its verdict, with the next March 23, 2023 deadline. For its part, Bobby Kick h published a letter addressed to the workforce of workers in which it expresses its collaboration with the European Union in its investigation, ensuring that said purche will be of great help to cover the Thousands of vacancies that will arise over the next few years, not without ensuring that the process advances expected, showing hope that the verdict is favorable in all ces.